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BRCC Testing Scheduler

We will show you how to schedule an appointment to take an exam posted by your eLearning instructor in Canvas or delivered to the Testing Center.  You should also use this to schedule CLEP, ACCUPLACER, or other tests. Let’s get started:

1) After reading the instructions below, click the red link at the bottom to begin scheduling. 
2) Choose a group: This is your test type.  Select the type of test you will be taking in the Testing Center.
3) Choose an exam: This is your appointment length.  Select the appropriate choice for your test.  If you are unsure, make your best guess.
4) Select a date: Clicking this box will open a calendar of dates that are available for your test.  Select a date you wish to come test.
5) Choose a time: This is the time your appointment starts.  Select a time from the listed options that you wish to check in for your test.
6) Who is taking the exam: Enter your first and last name along with your email address in the corresponding boxes.
7) Exam guideline acknowledgement: Review the list of guidelines for the testing center, and check the box to indicate that you agree to them.
8) Needed information: Enter the additional requested information in the corresponding boxes
8) ADD TO CART: Select the green button at the bottom to review your appointment.
9) COMPLETE REGISTRATION: Click the green button that says "COMPLETE REGISTRATION." You will receive a confirmation email shortly.


Click Here to Schedule 

NOTE: You must pay any required fees before showing up to take the test.  Click here to pay fees (if necessary).

Please direct any questions to the BRCC Testing Center at or call (225) 216-8038.