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Online Teaching Resources

Delivering your content in an online environment presents some challenging issues and opportunities. The retention and persistence of our students is important no matter what delivery method they choose for learning. The Center for Teaching+Learning Enhancement, in conjunction with our partners, can provide assistance for all faculty teaching eLearning classes. Listed below are some of the additional resources you may find useful.

Canvas Training
BRCC is currently using Canvas as the LMS. If you are looking for training to maximize this tool, you have two options available to you. For personal consultations, please contact eLearning Program Manager Susan Nealy at 216-8130 to set an appointment. The Center for Teaching+Learning Enhancement offers workshops related to online learning throughout the academic year. Please check the Events Calendar for upcoming workshops.

Help Desk
If you are experiencing problems with the LMS, please contact LMS Administrator Lenora White at 216-8717.

Online Teaching Practices
In planning your online course, you may want to know something about the best practices for teaching online, too. Among these are making effective use of discussions and keeping a strong personal presence in the online classroom. You will find excellent approaches in the following materials:

Ten Best Practices for Teaching Online (Boettcher, 2011)

Conducting Effective Online Discussions (Video 6:49) (perspectives from several instructors at different universities, Australian Learning and Teaching Council)

Students Feelings and Desire for Sense of Community (Drouin & Vartanian, 2010)

TIP: Many of the best practices for online teaching come from the best practices in classroom teaching. For example, if you already use productive discussions in the classroom, you are likely to have success in planning productive ones online. And, how you “grade” class discussions in a face-to-face class would be worth considering when planning you how you will “grade” them online. Although you will want incentives for online participation, you will want to carefully evaluate the alignment of what you set up in online policies with the values you hold in your teaching and learning philosophy.