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Student Incident Reporting Form

ATTENTION:  If you need to report an emergency, call 911 immediately.
This report will only be checked during regular business hours.

Please use this form to report an incident at Baton Rouge Community College. Submission of this form initiates an investigation and may lead to formal charges under the Student Code of Conduct.

Background Information

(i.e., building, room number, etc.)

Involved Parties

Excluding yourself, please list all individuals or witnesses involved and provide contact information for each individual, if available.

Description / Narrative

DETAILS OF INCIDENT (WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, and/or HOW) Please describe as much as possible the specific behavior(s) observed. Avoid using pronouns, i.e., he, she, etc. to identify people. Use the person’s real name when known in your description otherwise give the name you know the person by. Indicate specific words, phrase and interaction. Give dates and times. If a subject used profanity, made threats, or spoke of harming him/herself, then indicate the specific words/phrases used. If a student was loud or disruptive, indicate behavior(s) associated with the disruption, and describe any injury or damage to a person (s) or property.