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Grievance Form

The primary objective of a student grievance procedure is to ensure concerns are promptly dealt with and resolutions reached in a fair and just manner. It is essential each student be given adequate opportunity to bring complaints and problems to the attention of the College with the assurance each will be heard and due process afforded the student. For more information, please refer to Student Grievance Procedure (Policy No. 5.560).


Grievance is a complaint by a BRCC student involving an alleged misapplication or violation of any College policy or procedure that adversely impacts the student, or any other dispute within the College that directly impacts the student in adverse manners. A Grievance may include, but is not limited to, complaints alleging (a) mistreatment by a College employee, (b) errors in the assessment of fees or other financial obligations, (c) registration errors, and/or (d) loss of financial aid eligibility. 

Student is an individual who is matriculated or otherwise enrolled to attend class full or part-time at BRCC.

This Grievance Form is not intended to address the following issues and disputes:

Directions:  Complete this form in its entirety.

Informal Resolution

Before initiating the grievance process, students are encouraged to attempt resolve the issue informally with the person(s) alleged to have caused the grievance or with the direct supervisor.  

Incident Description

Please identify the reason(s) for submitting a grievance and explain in detail all circumstances relating to the grievance.  Include names of other persons involved, departments, any witnesses and supporting documentation


What are you requesting as a proposed solution?